Public Schools K-12

School is one of the common areas that are in need of professional and thorough cleaning. P2 Maintenance Services is always ready and available to tackle tough cleaning jobs in both private and public schools.

Budgets of most public schools are often limited and the first thing to be cut is the janitorial staff. The scope of tasks required in order to maintain the cleanliness of a public school can be daunting for the school personnel with serious maintenance responsibilities over regular cleaning tasks. P2 Maintenance Services has an efficient and practical way of keeping Kindergarten up to 12th grade looking ultimately clean and great not just for the students, but also for parents and faculty staff while sticking to the budget. The services offered are as follows but not limited to:

  • Day Porter services Monday through Friday
  • Evening custodial Services with Supervision Monday through Friday
  • Off-season heavy detailed cleaning during Summer, Spring and Winter Break
  • Green cleaning methods
  • Restock all paper products dispensers.
  • Daily general cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing of all areas.
  • Stripping and waxing floors
  • Spray Buffing Floors- To maintain shiny, attractive floors.

You can use our cleaning services for general cleaning of offices, auditoriums, hallways, classrooms, teachers lounges and more. Cafeterias and restrooms are among the areas that require thorough cleaning. We are especially skilled and highly trained in these particular areas.

We take pride in our world-class knowledge and expertise in tile and grout cleaning, buffing and waxing floors, stripping, proper restroom cleaning and sanitation utilizing effective, safe and environment- friendly materials.

Public schools usually have bigger flooring areas. P2 Maintenance Services can make even the toughest and dirtiest floors turn to the cleanest and most spotless floors.

Cleaning different areas in schools is more than just about the matter of cleanliness. If all high touched areas in the school are not disinfected and cleaned properly on a regular basis, then the germs can breed on these areas which might result in absences of teachers, support staff and students due to illnesses.

Allow P2 Maintenance Services to deliver unmatched level of expertise and cleaning services to your school. Contact us now to find out more of what we can offer.

Private Schools

Parents are usually choosy in terms of giving their children proper education. It is highly imperative for any private school to give immediate and positive impression of cleanliness, seriousness and order the minute individuals walk into the front door. If the school lobby is not clean, parents will likely walk back and look for another private school. Private schools often adhere to higher standards than public schools. P2 Maintenance Services is highly capable of helping your school maintain these high standards.

P2 Maintenance Services is always ready to transform the overall appearance of the facility even overnight. We have the right tools and the right people to handle even the most challenging flooring and cleaning jobs. Whether it is low-pile carpeting in administration offices or tile in the shower rooms, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you through. We are highly skilled and use excellent techniques and equipment to make your school look ultimately clean and fresh.

Buffing, stripping/ waxing and polishing hardwood floors. Rejuvenating and cleaning dry-erase boards and chalkboards. We will get your faculty and student restrooms gleaming. You can use P2 on regular schedules in order to supplement day to day cleaning efforts. We have big capability of preparing for an important events.

Email or call P2 Maintenance Services now to arrange for a more detailed estimate.

Higher Education

Higher education facilities represent bigger and more complicated cleaning challenges compared to K-12 schools. Many universities and colleges have thousands of faculty and students and many are living at school full time. Libraries, study halls, classrooms, office and cafeterias suffer hard and constant use.

Young adults are also often present in many of these facilities most of the time. P2 Maintenance Services has capable and experienced crews who can work unobtrusively and efficiently to keep these different facilities clean and look great. Students as well as faculty staff can spend more time learning and less time dealing with mess and clutter. P2 Maintenance Services can clean different kinds of educational facility such as:

Private Universities
Community Colleges
Junior Colleges
State Colleges and Universities

Higher learning institutes host bigger events for students, alumni and faculty regularly which might overwhelm the staff when it comes to cleaning up. P2 Maintenance Services can arrive prior to the big event and can make your facility look clean during the special occasion. We can utilize our expertise for tough cleaning jobs. When you rely on our company for your cleaning needs, you will surely put your best foot forward. Contact us to learn more on how we can help and serve you.