Sports and Entertainment

Sports andEntertainment

If you are in charge of cleaning an entertainment complex or sport venue, you are probably aware of how daunting this task can be. The job usually begins when the final buzzer sounds and all people are on their way to go back home. Entertainment and sports facilities really require an energetic and big crew as well as the right tool and the right people with expertise to get these venues ready for the next big concert or game. P2 Maintenance Services is composed of enough highly trained and experienced personnel with cleaning know-how for even the most challenging and biggest jobs.

  • Parks- We ensure that next games go off without any hitch.
  • Convention Centers- Our cleaning company can handle a bigger square footage of convention floors.
  • Amphitheatres- We can also handle lobbies, ticket windows, seating areas and restrooms. We make sure that all these are clean in preparation for the big show.
  • Arenas- We tackle even the toughest seating areas and all other common areas in the arena. Our company knows exactly how to deal with bigger foot traffic which can crush dirt into surfaces.
  • Fitness Centers- We clean facilities in a manner that would bring utmost satisfaction to customers. We believe that this would translate to increased and positive client retention.
  • Aside from these areas, we also specialize in other areas like sports complexes of different universities, theatres, auditoriums and conference rooms. If you need to get particular areas cleaned on high standard and prompt manner, P2 Maintenance Services is ready to serve. Call us or email today if you are in need of help.